DDA 2017 Colloids on the Coast brings together prominent scientists from pharmaceutical, medicinal, biological, engineering, and chemistry backgrounds to discuss emerging technologies in drug delivery science.

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Drug Delivery Australia 2017 Abstract Booklet

Time DAY ONE – Monday 23 October 2017
9.00-9.30 Registration Desk Open, Posters & Exhibitors Set-up
9.30- 10:00 Welcome to Country + UOW (KP) & Australian CRS Welcome (HB)
10.00-10.50 Plenary Lecture from DANG THUY TRAM        
10.50-11.20 Morning Tea, Exhibitors + Poster Set-up
11.20-1.00 Session 1                                                            
1.00-2.00 Lunch & Posters & Exhibitors  // Judging of Student Posters
2.00-3.40 Session 2
3.40-4.10 Afternoon Tea, Exhibitors, Posters
4.10-5.00 Session 3
5.00-6.00 Poster session, pre-dinner drinks & networking
6.30-10.30 Conference Dinner Level One Harbourfront


Time DAY TWO – Tuesday 24 October 2017
8.30-9.00 Registration
9.00-9.40 Plenary Lecture from STELLA VALENZUELA
9.40-10.10 Poster to Podium
10.10-10.40 Morning Tea & Exhibitors
10.40-12.30 Session 4
12.30-1.30 Lunch & Exhibitors; AUS-CRS AGM
1.30-3.20 Session 5
3.20-3.40 Afternoon Tea & Exhibitors
3.40-4.40 Session 6
4.40-5.00 Final Notes from Chair, Prizes & Conference Close

Detailed Program

Day One – October 23


DANG THUY TRAM: Delivery strategies for modulation of host response to implantable biomaterials and cell-based systems
Session Chair: Ben Boyd


SESSION ONE:  Smart Materials
Session Chair: Javad Foroughi & Michele Pozzoli
11.20 (invited) MARK COOK Chronic Intraventricular Valproate Therapy is Effective in Refractory Focal Epilepsy – Preliminary Results of a First-In-Man Study
11.50 (invited) GORDON WALLACE 3D Bioprinting and Controlled, Programmed Delivery
12.20 (contributed) Tushar Kumeria Self-Reporting Ophthalmic Delivery System based on Luminescent Porous Silicon Microparticles
12.40 (contributed) Miia Kovalainen Biodegradation of an Inorganic Subcutaneous Peptide Delivery System/


SESSION TWO: Barriers to Translation and Improved DDS
Session Chair: Kara Perrow                             
2.00 (invited) SUSAN HUA Targeted Nanomedicines: From design to translation
2.30 (invited) NEIL CASHMAN Translating the Disruptive Science of Protein Misfolding to Neurodegenerative Disease
3.00 (contributed) Hayley Schultz Can “Supersaturation” Improve the Performance of Silica Lipid Hybrid (SLH) Oral Drug Delivery Systems?
3.20 (contributed) Lisa Belfiore Development of Dual-Targeted Drug-Loaded Liposomes for Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment


SESSION THREE: Reformulation
Session Chair: Ben Buckley & Larissa Gomes dos Reis

4.10 (invited) MARIE RANSON A Phase 1 Study Of Deflexifol: a novel formulation of 5‐fluorouracil with improved tolerability profiles
4.40 (contributed) Naisarg Pujara Protein Based Nanocarriers for Enhanced Bioactivity of Hydrophobic Polyphenols

Day Two – October 24

STELLA VALENZUELA: Therapeutic applications of gold nanoparticles
Session Chair: Patrick Spicer

9.40-10.10 Posters to Podium

SESSION FOUR:  Targeting Inflammation, Bacteria and Biofilms
Session Chair: Maliheh Ghadiri & Tushar Kumeria

10.40 (invited) BEN BOYD Understanding Milk as a Delivery System to Enable a Single Dose Cure for Malaria
11.10 (contributed) Clive A. Prestidge Designing Alternative Drug Delivery Solutions to Bacterial Biofilms
11.30 (contributed) Michele Pozzoli Inhalable Hyaluronic Acid Derivate for Inflammatory Lung Diseases
11.50 (contributed) Hanna Gustafsson Design of Porous Silica-Lipid Nanocarriers for Local Enzyme-Controlled Drug Administration
12:10 (contributed) Varsha Komalla Quercetin and esolving D1 liposomes as a novel therapy for steroid-resistant airway diseases


SESSION FIVE: Vaccines and Gene Therapy
Session Chair: Lisa Belfiore & Hui Xin Ong

1.30 (invited) PETER MOYLE Development of a Defined, Semisynthetic Folded Lipoprotein Vaccine Development Platform
2.00 (contributed) Waleed Hussein Polymeric targeted-micelle like nanoparticles for siRNA delivery
2.20 (contributed) Liyu Chen Improving the delivery of SOD1 antisense oligonucleotides to motor neurons using calcium phosphate-lipid nanoparticles
2.40 (contributed) Larissa Gomes dos Reis  Nebulization of pDNA to lung epithelial cells: a potential delivery system for gene therapies
3.00 (contributed) Gracia Gracia High density lipoprotein promotes targeted delivery into lymph and lymph nodes: A viable carrier for immunotherapies and vaccines


SESSION SIX: Topical Drug Delivery
Session Chair: Amirali Popat

3.40 (invited) TARL PROW Low cost, highly effective physical drug delivery enhancement approaches for skin
4.10 (invited) HEATHER BENSON Correlation of physicochemical characteristics and in vitro permeation test (IVPT) results for Acyclovir topical products